How does #YouFirst work?

You just put You First by spending time doing an enjoyable activity that is not attached to work or other commitments.  

We appreciate this kind of talk can go against the grain of our upbringing.  However, by taking time to priortise your well-being you will be happier, more satisfied with life and  have more strength and resilience to support those around you. A win double!

Does this thought of putting yourself first still make you feel uncomfortable? Slightly selfish?  Well fear not! St Luke’s is here to share the burden and take one for the team…

We have created a sponsorship campaign promoting YOUR selfcare and well-being. You make a promise to take regular time for yourself, picking up old hobbies that you enjoyed or learning something new that always intrigued you, and WE promise to cheer you all the way. And your loved ones, recognising this is best for you and therefore best for them, can help encourage and galvanise you by making a donation to St Luke’s for Clergy Wellbeing in recognition of your efforts. Surely a Win Treble!

We want you to start doing the things that make you happy and raise funds for St Luke’s, click below and we can help you set up a Justgiving page or you can have a go via this link –

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