Your wellbeing and psychological health

Clergy and their families tell us what a huge difference St Luke's help makes to their life and ministry.
We're delighted - we're here because we want to see flourishing clergy

Here for you

When psychological or mental health issues are causing problems for you or a family member, we can offer help.

We can help with a range of services which St Luke’s for Clergy Wellbeing can fund up to specific limits.

What can St Luke’s provide?

We can offer help to those struggling with issues including

  • depression
  • anxiety

We can help you by

  • listening
  • by referring you, or a member of your family, to confidential psychological and psychiatric services

Please contact St Luke’s to find out how we can help you: click here to contact us

 Does St Luke’s offer any other treatments?

Since May 2022, we are focusing all our efforts to meet the area of greatest need – wellbeing and psychological support. This means that St Luke’s no longer offers physical healthcare support. Read more about our new direction here


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