How we help dioceses

St Luke's offers high-quality support to clergy with our range of preventive, wellbeing resources

St Luke’s offers preventive wellbeing training and support to clergy through groups and courses, and with tried and tested partners. These are run via the diocese.

We receive hugely positive feedback on our resources, which clergy tell us make a significant difference to their wellbeing and ministry.

I’m not sure I would have stayed in ministry without St Luke’s intervention, to be honest.Revd Russ, Parish Priest


What does St Luke’s offer?

St Luke’s Resilience Workshop

Resilience training is offered through one-off workshops in dioceses. This preventive training, designed specifically for clergy, has been hugely acclaimed by clergy and senior diocesan staff for its relevance and practical application.

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All clergy should do this, sooner rather than later. Really practical, useful input. Good to have a challenge that will be followed up. Clergy, Diocese of Derby

St Luke’s Reflective Practice Groups

Reflective practice groups are professionally facilitated pastoral supervision groups of 5-7 clergy, who commit to meeting monthly for two years. They are rigorous, confidential meetings which promote in-depth reflection and discussion on all aspects of participants’ ministry and life.

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Sharing common experiences reduced the sense of isolation.RPG Member

Wellbeing Menu

We are adding to our range of wellbeing training resources, through trusted providers who have worked closely with St Luke’s. Courses include:

  • Trauma-informed ministry
  • Negotiating relationships
  • Personal transitions

Find our Wellbeing Menu here

Who can use these resources?

Our wellbeing resources are offered to clergy through their diocese, with St Luke’s help and expertise.

  • We have worked with 30 dioceses in England and all six in Wales.
  • Around 1,500 clergy have taken part in St Luke’s Resilience Workshops.

It’s not just a matter of group members feeling supported through sharing issues, but the group helping each other approach issues with new insight and confidence.Paul Taylor, Rtd Archdeacon


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