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We are the charity that improves clergy health and wellbeing

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Real life stories

Resilience training

‘The most useful training I’ve had in the past 15 years in the church ...’

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Reflective practice groups

'I have explored ways of handling conflict that can defuse the situation ...'

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Clergy and families

'Thank you, this is really helpful and offers us a chink of light!'

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How can we help?

St Luke’s works with individual clergy and with dioceses, for flourishing, healthy clergy

Clergy & families

We help clergy and their families with physical or mental health needs

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We train and support clergy to improve their wellbeing

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Why is St Luke’s work needed?

We provide practical, supportive services to meet the evolving needs of clergy. Sometimes health and wellbeing can be overlooked because of the everyday demands of ministry.
Every week, clergy tell St Luke’s how our support, whether with a medical or wellbeing issue, has made a difference to their life and ministry.

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Get involved

Leaving a gift in your will

Investing in the future of St Luke's

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Becoming a consultant

You could become one of the consultants who are vital to our work

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