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Our charity is here to improve clergy wellbeing and mental health.
Here's an introduction to our work

What does St Luke’s for Clergy Wellbeing do?

We help clergy to flourish in their ministry, through the three parts of our work: preventive, restorative and advocacy.

Preventive training for clergy

St Luke’s offers a range of preventive resources and services in support of clergy wellbeing, made available via the dioceses. These have been shown to reduce isolation, increase self-awareness and foster good self-care. They help clergy to flourish in their ministry.

We receive hugely positive feedback on our resources, which clergy tell us make a significant difference to their wellbeing and ministry.

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Restorative help for individuals and family members

We work confidentially and compassionately with individuals. providing access to expert psychological and mental health support. This includes help for spouses and children, up to 18 years of age.

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Advocacy and collaboration

We collaborate with other charities, dioceses and organisations to share ‘best practice’ and maximise resources and expertise.

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