Resilience training for your diocese

St Luke's Resilience Workshop gets rave reviews from clergy, along with new resilience-building resources from our partners

Hundreds of clergy have found St Luke’s resilience-building resource invaluable for better wellbeing and sustainable, healthy ministry.


St Luke's Resilience Workshop
What is St Luke’s Resilience Workshop?
  • This workshop is designed to improve participants’ resilience in their role, which then boosts their health and wellbeing.
  • It’s not uncommon for workshop feedback to rate 100% on every facet of the course
  • This training is specifically devised for clergy. It’s run by clinical psychologists who are experienced in working with clergy.
  • The workshop is a half-day event, for up to 25 clergy.
  • Participants are equipped with skills and techniques to manage stress and pressure more effectively. These include:
    • how the human mind functions under pressure
    • ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ stress
    • what resilience is and what it isn’t
    • four-point plan to develop resilience under pressure
  • Participants leave with individually tailored action plans, with a 21-day challenge to embed learning.

A superb course in every way. Clear explanations related to concrete examples. I wouldn’t change a thing. Priest, Diocese of Bristol

  • St Luke’s Resilience Workshops are available to any diocese which wishes its clergy to take part.
  • Dioceses contact St Luke’s direct to access resilience training.

It’s a must for the clergy. Some of the most useful training I have ever attended’

About the trainer

This course was developed for St Luke’s by Harley Street practice Cognacity, which specialises in mental health and performance. It is specifically tailored to clergy and the issues they face and is delivered by a  Cognacity psychotherapist.

For more information or to book this workshop, please email our wellbeing manager Contact us

Developing resilience post-pandemic
Why is this training needed?

Resilience is a foundation stone of wellbeing, supporting us to navigate the often-choppy waters of life, work and calling. Paying attention to resilience and wellbeing is not a luxury or an option and turning focused attention to this can be the difference between thriving and surviving.

This workshop aims to provide an:
  • Overview of how resilience can help when things get challenging or difficult
  • Invitation to consider your unique prescription for resilience
  • Introduction to some models, tools, and techniques to support a resilient approach
  • Exploration of the importance and value of boundaries
How does it work?

This will be a three-hour facilitated workshop over Zoom, with opportunities for discussion, individual reflection and sharing of ideas and good practice. The framework of the workshop will draw on principles of positive psychology, as well as some well-known and easy-to-implement models and practices.

About the trainer

This workshop will be facilitated by Nicola Willocks, an accredited and experienced coach and facilitator who is interested in working with people who are committed to their personal and professional development.

For more information and to book course, please email our wellbeing manager Contact us

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