Our new direction from 2022

St Luke's new direction, in response to growing demand

St Luke’s new strategy focuses on clergy wellbeing and mental health
  • From May 2022, St Luke’s is concentrating all its resources on improving mental health and psychological wellbeing for clergy.
  • We will be known as St Luke’s for Clergy Wellbeing.
  • We will continue to:
    • Offer a range of preventive resources and services in support of clergy wellbeing, made available via the dioceses.
    • Work confidentially with individuals, providing access to expert mental health services for clergy, their spouses, and children up to age 18, in eduaction.
    • Be an objective advocate for clergy wellbeing, as a charity independent of the Church, and to collaborate with clergy wellbeing professionals.
Why now?
  • This new direction is in response to an increase in demand over several years, exacerbated by the pandemic. It confirms our 2019 strategic decision to focus increasingly on this area of work.
What has changed?
  • We will no longer offer physical healthcare support. This decision was difficult but we believe that focussing our resources on mental health and wellbeing is the necessary response to increasing need.
What hasn’t changed?
  • St Luke’s will continue to offer mental healthcare to individual clergy and family members, through our network of experienced  clinicians. This work will run alongside our preventive work promoting resilience and wellbeing for clergy, available through their diocese.
  • We will continue to build on our 130 years of experience of clergy wellbeing.

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