What is #YouFirst all about?

#YouFirst – a sponsorship about promoting your self-care and well-being whilst raising funds for St Luke’s.

St Luke’s for Clergy Wellbeing wants to encourage you to take some downtime in order to grow/paint/smell the flowers!

For many of us our life is spent rushing around trying to do everything for everyone, trying to be everything to everyone.  We rush around ticking boxes; ticking one box but loading up the conveyor belt of our mind with new tick boxes to tick – wondering at the same time if we ticked the last box properly.  Ticking boxes, building different stories around what must be done and what wasn’t done whilst adding to our own anxiety and workload.

It’s not our fault – this is how the Western world has made us, but it is time to change things up whilst raising funds for the work of St Luke’s.

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