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What are St Luke’s Reflective Practice Groups?
  • Our Reflective Practice Groups (RPGs) are small groups where clergy receive pastoral supervision with a professional facilitator who is independent of the diocese.
  • Within this setting clergy are able to explore their experience of ministry, develop self-awareness, gain insight into their relationships, and grow in faith.
  • RPGs promote best practice and enhance clergy wellbeing.

As a new incumbent, having help to think about boundaries and my own wellbeing, as well as tackling my job efficiently and effectively, was brilliant.Group member

  • Prior to commencing, clergy are invited to a taster and confirm their commitment to prioritising attendance and engagement with the group.
  • The groups consist of 5-7 clergy, drawn where possible from different deaneries who work together for two years.
  • The group meets for two hours, ten times a year.

I’m feeling valued by the diocese for allowing this time and facility.Group member

  • These groups are confidential meetings which enable clergy to share and discuss issues.
  • The RPG is a closed group, led by a professional facilitator, whose role is to promote in-depth reflection and discussion on all aspects of participants’ ministry and life.
  • The facilitator is appointed by St Luke’s and not by the diocese.
  • What happens in the group is entirely confidential to that group and is not relayed to the diocese.
  • RPGs’ objectives include developing clergy’s skills which improve their emotional wellbeing and reduce stress. These include:
    • boundary setting
    • sustaining creative relationships
    • managing conflict
Can my diocese run St Luke’s Reflective Practice Groups?
  • RPGs are available to any diocese which wishes to run them.
  • Dioceses are invited to contact St Luke’s to set up RPGs.

Challenge has been possible without it becoming personal.Group member

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