St Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme

Specifically-prepared resources to support clergy wellbeing during a time of Covid through reflection either individually or as a group

The St Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme is updated every Monday and all the resources will be available here for you to use as and when you need them.

Week 1 - Thoughts from a trauma informed perspective

Systemic facilitator and trainer Hilary Ison shares her learning from a three-year study on the effects of trauma on congregations.

Download the pdf here

Week 2 - Making a start on long-term recovery from a crisis

Author Kate Wiebe introduces typical responses leaders have to crisis and how they can begin introducing routines to aid recovery.

Download the pdf here

Week 3 - Self-care at a time of loss

Loss is effecting us all at the moment, but in addition to conducting funerals in these strange times, you may be experiencing the loss of a family member, friend, or parishioner. We offer you these thoughts and hope they can offer some support and opportunity for reflection.

Download the pdf here


Week 4 - Covid-19, crisis fatigue - and you

Psychotherapist Revd Peter Wells offers his insight and advice on coping with the ongoing emotional impact of the pandemic

Download the pdf here


Week 5 - Prayer, wellbeing and our rootedness in God

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May) is ‘kindness’; it offers an opportunity to reflect joyfully on the countless acts of kindness that we hear about every day. All these weekly reflections are aimed at encouraging kindness towards ourselves; compassionate self-care is essential for all those who minister to others.

This week, Michele Hampson explores wellbeing through the prism of prayer and rootedness in God.

Download the pdf here

Week 6 - Relatedness

This week, we cover relatedness and our personal relationships and our relationship with the rest of creation.


Download the pdf here

Week 7 - Rhythms and Wellbeing

This week Michelle Hampson reflects on routines and how they impact wellbeing


Download the pdf here

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