St Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme

Specifically-prepared resources to support clergy wellbeing during a time of Covid through reflection either individually or as a group

The St Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme is available here for you to use as and when you need these resources. They are written by experts in topics including trauma, spirituality and grief.

Week 1 - Thoughts from a trauma informed perspective

Systemic facilitator and trainer Hilary Ison shares her learning from a three-year study on the effects of trauma on congregations.

Download the pdf here

Week 2 - Making a start on long-term recovery from a crisis

Author Kate Wiebe introduces typical responses leaders have to crisis and how they can begin introducing routines to aid recovery.

Download the pdf here

Week 3 - Self-care at a time of loss

Loss is effecting us all at the moment, but in addition to conducting funerals in these strange times, you may be experiencing the loss of a family member, friend, or parishioner. We offer you these thoughts and hope they can offer some support and opportunity for reflection.

Download the pdf here


Week 4 - Covid-19, crisis fatigue - and you

Psychotherapist Revd Peter Wells offers his insight and advice on coping with the ongoing emotional impact of the pandemic

Download the pdf here


Week 5 - Prayer, wellbeing and our rootedness in God

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May) is ‘kindness’; it offers an opportunity to reflect joyfully on the countless acts of kindness that we hear about every day. All these weekly reflections are aimed at encouraging kindness towards ourselves; compassionate self-care is essential for all those who minister to others.

This week, Michèle Hampson explores wellbeing through the prism of prayer and rootedness in God.

Download the pdf here

Week 6 - Relatedness

This week, we cover relatedness and our personal relationships and our relationship with the rest of creation.


Download the pdf here

Week 7 - Rhythms and Wellbeing

This week Michèle Hampson reflects on routines and how they impact wellbeing


Download the pdf here

Week 8 - Meditation on Lament

Lament is a concept many of us find too raw and too vulnerable, but lament at the right time is healing. Revd Canon Dr Carla Grosch-Miller shares her reflections


Download the pdf here

Week 9 - Here be dragons

Revd Hilary Ison shares her reflections on responses to trauma and navigating through uncharted territory


Download the pdf here 


Week 10 - Creating a safe space

Michèle Hampson explores how creating safe spaces can help us to respond to stress and anxiety


Download the pdf here

Week 11 - Understanding the body

Michèle Hampson shows us how we can incorporate a spiritual dimension into simple methods to still our bodies and minds.


Download the pdf here 

Week 12 - A Christian approach to managing anxiety

Michèle Hampson helps us look for a guidance framework from Scripture that will both support us in managing our immediate anxiety and steer us as we look ahead.


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Week 13 - Reflections on Transitions

Helen Averill reflects on change and transition in relation to the effect of the Covid-19  and the process of adjustment and gradual moving forward.


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Week 14 - Liminality in a time of covid

In her final article in this series of reflections, Michèle Hampson helps us look at liminality and its role in our personal growth and development as well as that of the wider community.


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Week 15 - Easing out of Lockdown

Following on from her earlier reflections from a perspective of trauma in Week 1 and Week 9 in our series, systemic facilitator and trainer Revd Hilary Ison offers further insights in the penultimate reflection of the series


Download the pdf here 

Week 16 - Ministering to Uncertainty

The final reflection of the series is written by our Chair Edward Martineau who shares his thoughts on this period of uncertainty as we ease out of lockdown


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