Real life stories

Every week, clergy tell us about the difference St Luke's has made to their physical or mental health.
Here's what they say


Rheumatology specialist

Read about Beneficiary's experience

Help from child psychologist

Read about Parent's experience

Support with orthopaedics

Read about Beneficiary's experience

‘My wife is especially grateful’

Read about Beneficiary's experience

‘An answer to prayer’

Read about Caroline's experience

‘Involving our whole school …’

Read about Louisa's experience

‘Can I encourage you to join in?’

Read about Bishop Peter Hancock 's experience

Yay for Thank Your Vicar Week!

Read about Alan's experience

‘A person before a priest’

Read what group members have to say

A ‘must’ for clergy

Read what workshop participants have to say

A journey to recovery

Read about Jules's experience

Help with a diagnosis

Read about Sarah's experience

Help with skin condition

Read about Josh's experience

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