St Luke’s resilience training

St Luke's Resilience Workshop gets rave reviews from clergy – it’s not uncommon for workshop feedback to rate 100% on every facet of the course

What is St Luke’s Resilience Workshop?
  • This workshop is designed to improve participants’ resilience in their role, which then boosts their health and wellbeing.
  • This training is specifically devised for clergy. It’s run by clinical psychologists who are experienced in working with clergy.
  • The workshop is a half-day event, for up to 25 clergy.
  • Participants are equipped with skills and techniques to manage stress and pressure more effectively. These include:
    • how the human mind functions under pressure
    • ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ stress
    • what resilience is and what it isn’t
    • four-point plan to develop resilience under pressure
  • Participants leave with individually tailored action plans, with a 21-day challenge to embed learning.

A superb course in every way. Clear explanations related to concrete examples. I wouldn’t change a thing. Priest, Diocese of Bristol

How much does St Luke’s Resilience Workshop cost?

Please get in touch for more information on costs Contact us 

Can my diocese run this training?
  • St Luke’s Resilience Workshops are available to any diocese which wishes its clergy to take part.
  • Dioceses contact St Luke’s direct to access resilience training.

It’s a must for the clergy. Some of the most useful training I have ever attended.Priest

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