25th October 2019

News: Improving the Clergy Discipline Measure – what is your experience of CDM?

Significant concerns surround CDM and a new research project is looking for clergy who have been impacted by it.

St Luke’s invited Sarah Horsman of Sheldon (Mary and Martha) to share how you or someone you know could help…

‘You may be reading this as a member of the clergy or as someone who, like St Luke’s, is working to improve clergy wellbeing.

We have commissioned Aston University to undertake an important piece of independent academic research into the lived experience of CDM.

It is vital that the online research survey gets into the hands of as many people as possible who have been through CDM or similar. As you can imagine, it’s not actually very easy to find them, especially if they are no longer in active ministry and of course these “hidden people” are the ones the researchers most need to find.

We would therefore be extremely grateful for your help, whether you have experienced CDM as a priest, or are working with those who have. The online survey is designed to include all Anglican clergy willing to take part, including those with no direct experience of CDM.

The research is entirely independent of the Church of England but will be an important feeder into the official Church review into the emerging concerns around CDM and will help with future policy development.

We are encouraging participants to respond before the end of November. However, the survey will stay live until early January 2020 in order to give as much time as possible for finding the hidden people.’

Sarah Horsman is Warden of The Society of Martha and Mary at Sheldon

What to do next
  • Details about the survey can be found here sheldon.uk.com/cdmsurvey
  • To take part, just contact Sheldon on cdm@sheldon.uk.comand you will be sent a link. Your email will be treated confidentially by Sheldon.
 Want to know more?
  • Find out more about Sheldon’s work at sheldon.uk.com
  • Visit sheldonhub.org for information about the Sheldon Hub online community, whose aim is ‘doing healthy ministry together’; for clergy, spouses and those working with clergy wellbeing.